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Ben Jones : June 12, 2013 7:53 am

There are two main components to getting a radio station up and running on the web. There is the actual programming side of things — that’s where you decide what to put “on the air,” do the recording and so on.

Then there’s the technical side — the streaming and automation. Automation refers to the software used to keep a radio station running 24/7. Basically, the radio automation software lets you decide what audio is going to play and when, then it does all the work automatically. Streaming software takes that audio information, encodes it, optimizes it and routes it through the Internet to the people who tune in to your Internet radio station. It’s kind of like hosting a website, except instead of words and pictures, the streaming software is serving up your radio station. Both are essential for any modern Internet radio station, and both are provided by Spacial. SAM Broadcaster is the name of our Internet radio automation software. It integrates directly with our cheap and reliable streaming service, CheapestStream. CheapestStream takes care of all the technical details of connecting your audio to people listening on the other side of the Internet. Because it is tied so closely to SAM Broadcaster, it saves you the trouble of having to configure encoding and bitrates and so on. You just simply input your user name and password and CheapestStream takes care of the rest. CheapestStream also takes care of the listener side of the broadcasting equation by providing you with a fully-functioning Flash player widget you can embed on your website. If you are already giving SAM Broadcaster a try, you can also test CheapestStream for free. Click here to get a full 60 listeners streaming package free of charge for 30 days! Get FREE Stream Hosting