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Starting out Professional License to Broadcast
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FREE $299 $699
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Streaming Platforms Only available on CheapestStream.com Available on SpacialNet.com Available on CheapestStream.com Available on SHOUTcast Available on Windows Media Available on SpacialNet.com Available on CheapestStream.com Available on SHOUTcast Available on Windows Media
Maximum Encoders & Statistic Relays 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Queue size 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum tracks in Music Library 5000 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum PAL Scripts 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Event Scheduler items 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Audio Processing No Yes Yes
Web templates & web integration No Yes Yes
License to broadcast and/or stream terrestrial signal No No Yes
Professional Audio Engine
Sound like a professional with advanced audio processing   No Yes Yes
Low latency audio engine gives you instant feedback when adjusting controls Yes Yes Yes
Mix tracks in 2 main player decks and 2 aux decks Yes Yes Yes
Broadcast live On-Air while you preview audio on a separate channel Yes Yes Yes
Gap Killer removes silence from start & end of tracks allowing uninterrupted audio Yes Yes Yes
Custom cue, intro, fade and stop points configured per track Yes Yes Yes
Voice FX – talk over audio, automatically lowers volume Yes Yes Yes
Sound FX – instantly trigger audio carts Yes Yes Yes
Voice-tracking allows you to quickly record your voice & schedule into your broadcast   Yes Yes Yes
Input formates include MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg, WAV, Windows Media Yes Yes Yes
Music Library Management
LARGE music library? More than 100,000 tracks? No problem!   limited to 5000 tracks Yes Yes
Easily organize your music library into categories with drag&drop operations Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited custom categories and playlists Yes Yes Yes
Automatically import tag information from tracks Yes Yes Yes
Easily find album cover art and other details from Amazon.com Yes Yes Yes
Ability to configure settings on a per-track basis Yes Yes Yes
Customizable reporting   Yes Yes Yes
CheapestStream.com   Only available on CheapestStream.com Available on CheapestStream.com Available on CheapestStream.com
SpacialNet.com   No Available on SpacialNet.com Available on SpacialNet.com
SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2  No Available on SHOUTcast Available on SHOUTcast
Windows Media   No Available on Windows Media Available on Windows Media
Other supported platforms: Icecast, Live365, Wowza, SteamCast No Yes Yes
Streaming formats: AAC, aacPlusv2, AAC HE Yes Yes Yes
Streaming formats: MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media No Yes Yes
Archive broadcast to file Yes Yes Yes
Embed current playing information directly to stream Yes Yes Yes
List on AudioRealm.com to get more listeners & statistics Yes Yes Yes
Statistic relays show in real-time how many listeners are connected Yes Yes Yes
Web Integration
Included web templates make creating your station website easy No Yes Yes
Display what is currently playing on your website No Yes Yes
Allow visitors to make real-time automated requests   No Yes Yes
Allow your visitors to browse your music library No Yes Yes
Make easy money with buy music links No Yes Yes
SAM Cloud web widgets
Free SAM Cloud Integration account No Yes Yes
SAM Cloud web widgets now playing info No Yes Yes
SAM Cloud web widgets recently played info No Yes Yes
SAM Cloud web widgets browse media library No Yes Yes
SAM Cloud web widgets song request module No Yes Yes
Operate on manual, live-assist or fully automated mode Yes Yes Yes
Event Scheduler allows you to trigger automated tasks Yes   Yes Yes
Advanced rotation logic allows SAM to intelligently pick music for playback Yes Yes Yes
Apply separation rules & customizable clockwheels Yes Yes Yes
PAL scripting allows you to write mini scripts to control aspects of your station   Yes   Yes Yes
Free email support Yes Yes Yes
Community Support   Yes Yes Yes
Phone support   No 30 days 90 days
Installation, Remote sessions, Custom Development   Optional Optional Included  
Download BUY BUY